Episode 16: The Botfly

Sherri's Right Foot
Sherri’s Left Foot. Photo by M. Brock Fenton

This week we’re listening along as Sherri has a botfly surgically removed from her ankle. Scroll down for a few more pictures of the carnage.

This week’s puzzle is called the five-pointed star.

It's in there. Look closely; Photo by M. Brock Fenton.
It’s in there. Look closely. Photo by M. Brock Fenton.
Photo by M. Brock Fenton
Freezing the area. Photo by M. Brock Fenton
Photo by M. Brock Fenton
The first cut is the deepest. Photo by M. Brock Fenton
Photo by M. Brock Fenton
Joe. Photo by M. Brock Fenton

Episode 15: I Scream, You Scream!

The results of the great 2016 chocolate ice cream taste-test are in!

Big thanks to listeners who sent in their results!

Erin Menzies of the Cornell Soil and Water Lab (Ithaca, NY) sent in results for 4 flavours of chocolate ice cream, tasted by 20 participants. Martin Remy of Highlands Ranch, CO sent in results for 5 flavours, tested by 4 people.

Cornell Soil and Water Lab
The Cornell Soil and Water Lab tests ice cream in Ithaca…

Combined with the data we collected in Toronto, that’s a total of 29 people! That’s AMAZING!!!!

Cornell Soil and Water Lab
…and it is yummy.

If you want to play with the data yourself, I’m posting the data and the r-code I used for analysis.

data (csv file)
r-code (.r file)

For context, I compare the results we got to this paper:

Guinard, J. X., C. Zoumas-Morse, L. Mori, D. Panyam, and A. Kilara. 1996. Effect of Sugar and Fat on the Acceptability of Vanilla Ice Cream. Journal of Dairy Science DOI: 10.3168/jds.S0022-0302(96)76561-X.

And finally, the puzzle for today’s epsiode is called the “Raiders of the Lost Ark Statue,” and it’s inspired by Nigel Coldwell’s 22nd puzzle. Good luck!

Episode 14: Please Eat Ice Cream for Science

Chocolate Ice Cream

This will be our last episode before the summer break, so we’re doing something different. No paper, no puzzle. Just a citizen science experiment on chocolate ice cream.

Details are in the podcast. We want you to do a taste test of some chocolate ice creams.

To make data collection easier, you can use this form to collect your data.

And just in case that form is confusing, here it is filled out by our group when we did the experiment.