Episode 14: Please Eat Ice Cream for Science

Chocolate Ice Cream

This will be our last episode before the summer break, so we’re doing something different. No paper, no puzzle. Just a citizen science experiment on chocolate ice cream.

Details are in the podcast. We want you to do a taste test of some chocolate ice creams.

To make data collection easier, you can use this form to collect your data.

And just in case that form is confusing, here it is filled out by our group when we did the experiment.

Solution to Puzzle 009

Evan Brock e-mailed us to let us know he’d solved puzzle number 009 (A year in space). If you want to revisit that episode, listen to the link below (jump to 9:09).

Terrifyingly (for me), though, Evan’s answer wasn’t the same as mine. He got 1.5 years/rotation, and I’d gotten 0.75 years per rotation. But guess what…. there are two possible solutions!!! Evan and I had a nice back and forth about this, and then he integrated the two solutions into a single document, which I provide below for your reading pleasure.

Thanks again, Evan!

RP-DP Puzzle 009 Solution by Evan Brock [PDF]