Episode 20: Sex to Die For

IIIIIIIf you think I'm sexy... Aaaand you want my body... COOOme on baby auto-die so I can eat you.
IIIIIIIf you think I’m sexy…
Aaaand you want my body…
COOOme on baby auto-die so I can eat you.

I know. Such a clickbait title. I have no soul.

Episode #20 is up. The paper is:

Schwartz, S. K., W. E. Wagner Jr., and E. A. Hebets. 2016. Males Can Benefit from Sexual Cannibalism Facilitated by Self-Sacrifice. Current Biology DOI: 10.1016/j.cub.2016.08.010.

The puzzle is called “The Rectangular Moat,” and is a slightly modified version of a riddle from Steve Miller’s Math Riddles.


Episode 18: Ten Things You Didn’t Know about Rosetta

This week I was in Darmstadt, Germany, making a show for Discovery Canada (and Science Channel, USA) about the Rosetta spacecraft crashing in to a comet at the end of its mission. It was really fun, but I filled my brain with too much comet stuff, and thought listeners would get a kick out of hearing some things about this mission most people don’t know.

This week’s puzzle is called “The 67P Weight-loss Plan.”