Episode 36: Self-Medicating Neanderthals with Food in their Teeth

This week we learn a lot about Neanderthals from the DNA in the crap in their teeth. There’s some neat stuff here.

The paper is:

Weyrich, L. S., S. Duchene, J. Soubrier, L. Arriola, B. Llamas, J. Breen, A. G. Morris, K. W. Alt, D. Caramelli, V. Dresely, M. Farrell, A. G. Farrer, M. Francken, N. Gully, W. Haak, K. Hardy, K. Harvati, P. Held, E. C. Holmes, J. Kaidonis, C. Lalueza-Fox, M. de la Rasilla, A. Rosas, P. Semal, A. Soltysiak, G. Townsend, D. Usai, J. Wahl, D. H. Huson, K. Dobney, and A. Cooper. 2017. Neanderthal behaviour, diet, and disease inferred from ancient DNA in dental calculus Nature. DOI: 10.1038/nature21674

This week’s puzzle is about coffee.